Grinding machines

Providing tool grinding machines that can measure up to the needs of our customers

We provide tool grinding machines backed up by the regrinding techniques and know-how that we have cultivated for many years.

“Micron Series,” a grinding machine series for small-diameter tools, is equipped with a CCD camera having a zoom function. With eyes on the grinding portion image captured through the CCD camera and magnified a 200 times, operators can do regrinding work.

“DIAPET Series,” a universal tool grinding machine series, can satisfy various needs for tool grinding. Our lineup also includes NC grinding machines specialized for grinding helical flutes and outer circumferences, which are featured by easy operation and high precision.

  • Small-diameter tool grinding machines Micron R100/P200
  • Tool grinding machines DIAPET 540/540C alpha
  • Tool regrinding
  • Grinding machines
  • Original tools

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